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Philip was born and raised in Washington by Filomena and Jose Saldana, his big-hearted, love-inspired grandparents. Somewhere between The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Razor Ramon’s Razor’s Edge, he inexplicably realized his innate affinity for all things film. When he sprouted legs, he chased this love to New York, where “home” equated to an air mattress in his friend’s rat-infested kitchen. His determination fueled him to work four unpaid jobs, seven days a week - all with the goal of carving out a place for himself in the film industry. 

His undying pursuit, then, led him from New York to Los Angeles, where Billy McMillin, an editor by trade, but a maverick by nature, adopted Philip as a protege. From Billy, Philip learned the essence of building a film: how to, scene by scene, bring a story and its characters to life. Under Billy’s mentorship, Philip helped build West of Memphis, The Short Game, and several PBS documentaries. 

In the Summer of 2014, Philip returned to Seattle for an extended visit, during which he was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 3 Nodular Hogdkin’s Lymphoma. Chemotherapy was to start immediately. Having lived a life devoted to building his space in film, Philip was forced to place an indefinite hold on his dream career and, in essence, the life he had spent 30 years building. 

This sparked a change in Philip’s outlook on life. Sprouting from the desire to exhaust life of all it had to offer, came Find Foxy.

Find Foxy is about sharing Philip's adventures through his 2nd chance at life. In hopes that people can learn from his progress and mistakes.



On July 14, 2012, Paulina, Philip’s girlfriend, and Macy, Paulina’s best friend, dubbed Philip’s spirit animal, a fox. Foxy became Paulina’s pet name for Philip, the source of unlimited taunts from his friends, and envied by all men as the most awesome nickname in the universe.